Where to find a good veggie burger in Perth

It’s no secret that I LOVE a good veggie burger! My ideal veggie burger has a patty made with chickpeas or lentils and I’m always partial to a burger with cheese and a good aioli.

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The Food Project: Ribs & Burgers

You might think that a place called Ribs & Burgers wouldn’t be high on the ‘must visit’ list for a vegetarian, but thanks to their delicious veggie burger, you’d be wrong.

A couple of nights ago I caught up with a bunch of girls that I used to work with in the city, and looking for something cheap but delicious we decided to head to Rib & Burgers at 140 William Street. They don’t currently have a liquor license for this location, so we met for a quick drink at The Boheme and then it was just a short walk to Ribs & Burgers.

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The Food Project: tbsp.

It’s not often that I can pop out to a café that is close to home and also be treated to great service and a delicious breakfast that will keep me full well into the evening. Thankfully, tbsp. managed to do all three with a bang.

This modern, warm and uncluttered café gets a lot of things right, starting with location. Bayswater’s King William Street has been crying out for new venues, and I can only hope other aspiring restaurant/café owners take note of its success and help this suburb meet its potential.

While tbsp. is packed on weekends, often with a line out the door, on the Friday morning I went it was pleasantly busy but not crowded, and we were easily able to secure a table for four adults, two babies and a toddler. The atmosphere at tbsp. was friendly and relaxed, and it was refreshingly spacious – it was a nice change not to bump into the chair behind me or be able to hear the conversation at the next table.

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What I Ate: 24/4/16

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE hearing about what other people are eating. I’m always on the lookout for new ideas, interesting recipes, different food combinations and ways to reinvent my favourites.

I also know there are lots of people who are still a bit stumped when it comes to a vegetarian diet – I often get asked what I eat, how I get my protein and iron, and how I stop things from getting boring.

So I thought I’d share a bit of a weekly diary of what I eat, if you’d like to have a read – and feel free to ask any questions.

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The Food Project: Perth Night Noodle Markets

It’s so exciting to see food trucks and food stalls staking a place in Perth’s dining scene – although it does make it harder and harder to choose which events to go to! On Sunday night alone we had a choice between the Night Noodle Markets, the Food Truck Rumble, and Truck Stop at Perry Lakes Reserve (on every Sunday in April).

We decided to take a second trip to the Night Noodle Markets, which are presented as part of WA Today’s Good Food Month. This foodie oasis has moved to Elizabeth Quay following last year’s  markets in the Cultural Centre, and I have to say it works. There’s more space, a better atmosphere, the food available have really been stepped up a notch and everything seemed to run fairly smoothly.

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The Food Project: Lord of the Fries

There’s been a lot of buzz around the opening of Lord of the Fries in Perth – we now have our very own fast food joint serving up all vegetarian and vegan goodies! It offers what most other fast food places can’t give us veggos – choice, from a range of burgers, hotdogs and all kinds of delicious fries.

When a crappy day at work last week called for a stiff drink and some good ole comfort food, we decided to give Lord of the Fries a try.

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