Fringe World 2017: Mâché: HOME review

Debuting at Fringe World last year with Mâché: A Drag Performance Showcase, Gendermess has returned with another hour of glittery cross-dressing and debauched drag.

HOME aims to take the audience back to a time when routine was key, ignorance was bliss and everything was right as rain, giving a drag queen makeover to the 1940s -1960s.

The show featured some of Perth’s most-loved drag performers – Donna Kebab, Perri Oxide, Flo Reel, Cougar Morrison, Vaboux and Ginava – in gorgeous costumes, killer heels and wonderful makeup working their way through a series of acts.

I had high expectations for this show given last years’ performance but unfortunately they were not met and I was in fact left quite appalled at two of the scenes.

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Fringe World 2016: Mâché – A Drag Performance Showcase review

For one night only, Mâché took drag out of the gay clubs and put it on centre stage at Fringe World much to the delight of one of the most vocal and supportive crowd’s I’ve ever seen.

In a high energy feast for the eyes, Perth’s best drag stars came together for an electric, feel-good showcase of club kids expressing themselves through music, movement, killer costumes and makeup.

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