Fringe World 2017: El Bizarro review

El Bizarro was back at Fringe World in 2017 for its third instalment, and by now everyone in the know knows that this is a show that delivers on its promises – Danger! Freaks! Glamour! – with a show that is twisted, electric and enthralling.

Absolutely not for the faint of heart, El Bizarro has quickly become a favourite among Fringe goers and Fringe performers, for the way it pushes boundaries in a celebration of excess.

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Fringe World 2017: Pink on the Inside – David Eriksson review

David Eriksson is charismatic as hell, totally cool and a little bit crazy, and his first solo show is a whirlwind of ride – wacky and wild and wonderful, yet peppered with moments of introspection that reveal the gentle soul of the King Kong of ping pong.

Hailing from Sweden, David is a brilliant circus entertainer with incredible stage presence, an effortless comedian and natural acrobat who’s not afraid to show a bit of vulnerability.

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Fringe World 2016: El Bizarro review

El Bizarro is back after a sold out debut season last year, with the very best sideshow rarities, human oddities and variety superstars from all around the world.

While definitely not for the faint-hearted, this incredible show is hands down one of the best you will see at Fringe World this year.

Above all else El Bizarro is a celebration of the bizarre, a vibrant, energetic and fun spectacle that is sexy and shocking in equal mix. The carefully curated line-up of quality entertainers had the audience laughing and gasping, with an electric atmosphere that hung around long after the final performance.

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Danger Cabaret presents Freaks and Fishnets review

A North Perth strip club was one of the last places I could have imagined spending my Sunday night, but the Doll’s House turned out to be an incredibly fitting and relaxed environment for the latest offering from one of Perth’s hottest entertainment agencies, Danger Cabaret.

Fresh off a run of incredible shows at Fringe World 2015 , and flying in the face of Perth’s recent string of venue closures, Danger Cabaret put together a one-night only show designed to dazzle and delight, and blow those post-Fringe blues away.

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Fringe World 2015: El Bizarro review

Promising a hedonistic carnival atmosphere and delivering with the perfect mix of glamour and the bizarre, El Bizarro nailed the sweet spot that comes from being both entertaining and professional.

While definitely guaranteed to make you hold your breath in awe, the talented tribe of sideshow freaks, misfits and stunning beauties refused to rely on cheap tricks, instead putting their bodies, minds and wits on display in an act that was (despite blood, nudity, fire, stunts and pain) professional and polished.

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