Healthy & delicious red velvet pancakes

There’s no reason to sacrifice taste for health, especially when it comes to the most important meal of the day.

Health Freak Café serves up incredible looking, and tasting, gluten and refined sugar free meals, and one of the things I love most is that they have tonnes of vegetarian and vegan dishes alongside all things keto and paleo.

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The Food Project: Health Freak Café Ellenbrook

Back in December, before the Christmas madness took hold, I was invited to the opening day event for Health Freak Café in Ellenbrook. As you may know, I’m a huge fan of Health Freak so I was super excited to come along and check out the latest addition to their family.

Now Ellenbrook isn’t normally my first choice when I’m looking to head out for brekky or lunch, but at only 20km from the CBD it’s a rapidly growing suburb with lots of families, so it’s the perfect spot for a healthy café. It also happens to be where one of my best friends lives, so this was just the excuse I needed to pop out for a late brekky with her and her two young girls.

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The Food Project: Health Freak Café

It would be so easy for me to start this review with just a bunch of heart-eye emojis, but I guess I owe it to a place I love so much to write a bit more than that!

So yes, I love Health Freak Café and I am so excited that there are finally places like this around – where there are loads of vegetarian and vegan goodies on the menu, alongside meals to make the omnivores happy. At Health Freak Cafes absolutely everything is gluten and refined sugar free, and the whole idea is that whatever you order you can feel good about eating it.

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The Food Project: The Little Shop of Plenty

Away from the bustle of Whatley Crescent, just across from the Maylands train station on Railway Parade, is a gem of a café that is all about eating well to feel well.

The Little Shop of Plenty has been open for a year now, serving up delicious vegetarian and vegan goodies to remind the people of Perth that a plant-based diet doesn’t have to be boring.

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The Food Project: Beaufort Local

A couple of weeks ago we popped out for a lazy Sunday brekky at a spot I’ve been wanting to try for a while now – Beaufort Local. The space was previously occupied by the Beaufort Street Merchant which was a favourite of mine thanks to its tasty cakes and pretty salads.

It has now been completely revamped – the bottle shop was gutted, additional seating added, and the place fitted out with lots of greenery, some cute booths, an open kitchen and gorgeous light fittings. With the added bonus of the garden bar out the back, Beaufort Local was born.

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The Food Project: tbsp.

It’s not often that I can pop out to a café that is close to home and also be treated to great service and a delicious breakfast that will keep me full well into the evening. Thankfully, tbsp. managed to do all three with a bang.

This modern, warm and uncluttered café gets a lot of things right, starting with location. Bayswater’s King William Street has been crying out for new venues, and I can only hope other aspiring restaurant/café owners take note of its success and help this suburb meet its potential.

While tbsp. is packed on weekends, often with a line out the door, on the Friday morning I went it was pleasantly busy but not crowded, and we were easily able to secure a table for four adults, two babies and a toddler. The atmosphere at tbsp. was friendly and relaxed, and it was refreshingly spacious – it was a nice change not to bump into the chair behind me or be able to hear the conversation at the next table.

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