Fringe World 2018: No Way Rosé review

Melbourne comedian Rose Callaghan is well known across the radio circuit after appearing on triple j, Double J, ABC and Nova, and is making a name for herself as one of the country’s best up-and-coming comics after selling-out her debut show in 2016.

A self-described poor man’s Zoey Deschanel, Rose debuted No Way Rosé in Perth, letting us know up front that this was our chance to see brand new material that might never be seen again. Rose promised nothing schmaltzy or poignant, just stupid, silly stories about the best and worst things she’s done while drinking, and about why rosé is known as ‘cougar juice.

Rose Callaghan

Having previously been single for over six years, Rose has a whole host of hilarious, dodgy and gross stories to tell – the younger men who seem to be chronically allergic to her, the guy whose hobby was breaking up and then getting back together with her, the dodgy share houses and the dick pics (which could seriously benefit from a Sanpachat filter). It’s all super relatable to anyone who has been part of the dating scene – and come out the other side of it.

Rose’s brand of humour is self-deprecating without wallowing, her brutal honestly is filtered with wit and hindsight, allowing her to look back on somewhat sketchy incidents to find the often hilarious flip side.

Like all good comedians, Rose isn’t afraid to laugh at herself, and is at her best when telling personal stories. At times haphazard and abuzz with nervous energy (she was diagnoses late in life with ADHD), her silly stories are dotted with subtle feminism, as she is both empowered by her choices while dropping digs at the realities of life as a woman – from the ridiculous advice given to her by a male comedian colleague when she started out, to tips for women to avoid being murdered while walking in the park.

Although she promised only light-hearted fun, Rose ended her set with raw honesty, tossing aside frivolity to give the audience a glimpse at the person behind the comic, making her even more relatable and memorable.  Rose Callaghan is charming, refreshing and brutally honest – and one to watch.

You can catch No Way Rosé at the Ramp, Ice Cream Factory at 6:15pm tonight.

Rose Callaghan Fringe World


*I received tickets to this show in exchange for my review (thanks A-List Entertainment). All opinions are my own.


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