Fringe World 2018: the artists’ top picks

Who better to give you the ultimate guide to Fringe World 2018 than the performers and producers themselves?

I asked some of Perth’s favourite Fringe folk for the run down on the shows they’re most excited to see this year, and here’s what they picked:

The Perth Project_Fringe World 2018

Lucinda Panties

Shows she’s involved in this year:

Guilty Pleasures 

Symphonies of Sensuality 2: We’re Bach! 

Her top picks for Fringe World 2018:

Definitely Stick ‘Em Up – my Lady Velvet Cabaret sister Sugar du Joure, winner of Miss Burlesque WA 2016 and national 1st Runner Up for Miss Burlesque Australia, is busting out (so to speak) and for the first time ever will be HOSTING a burlesque show instead of stripping in one. She’s quick-witted, fast-thinking, and does some amazing accents and characters, I can’t wait to see what she comes up with!

Obscura is going to be amazing – featuring three of Perth’s darkest and most mysterious ladies, including my Lady Velvet Cabaret sister Wild Kat! Think dark, brooding and seductive, these girls are all multi-talented and there will be a big visual element to the show I’m sure. Can’t wait!

Pupperotica Menage a Trois is the third instalment in the Pupperotica adventure and it’s going to be absolutely insane. No false advertising here, it’s exactly what it sounds like – it’s puppets, it’s erotic! My Lady Velvet Cabaret sister Lola Moore heads up her own production company along with her partner, a professional pirate (not even joking), and this production shows off their creativity and humour –  it’s definitely unique, where else can you see puppets doing live readings of erotic fiction?

Then also Live It Up With Peter Combe and the Juicy Juicy Green Band. This is legendary Australian children’s entertainer Peter Combe’s ADULTS show! Yes, the guy who wrote “wash your face in orange juice”! This is an unforgettable event – big kids (25 years and up) flock to the venue to see Peter sing complete with a live rock band, often donning newspaper hats for the occasion. Amazing atmosphere and so joyous and fun.

Jasmine Clea Danks (Danger Cabaret)

Shows she is involved in this year:

El Bizarro: Glamour! Danger! Freaks!

Pop Rocks Quiz: Summerset Edition

Little Pleasures

Her top picks for Fringe World 2018:

Glittery Clittery: a conSENSUAL Party

Party Ghost

Grit & Glitter: A Sideshow Comedy Western

Hot Brown Honey

Betty Grumble LOVE & ANGER (or Sex Clown Saves The World AGAIN!)

Bad Luck Cabaret

Lazer Kiwi

Little Death Club

Pussy Play Masterclass

Notorious Strumpet & Dangerous Girl

And if that’s not enough for you, Jasmine also recommends:

Almost Lesbians, Obscura, Dr Sketchy’s Anti Art School, Jamie Mykaela’s Napoleon Complex, MACHE XL, Briefs: Close Encounters, Yummy, Terror Australis, SUGAR, Weirdo, Djuki Mala, Fisticuffs, No Lights No Lycra

Marijke Loosjes (aler-ego Essie Foxglove)

Shows she is involved in this year:



The FxxK Yxu Proms, Jan 26th and 27th

Flight of Fancy, Feb 6th

Peak Performance, Feb 9th

Bombshell Delights Creepshow Cabaret, Feb 10th and 11th

The Booby Trap, Feb 14th

Red Light Confidential, Feb 16th

Her top picks for Fringe World 2018:

Betty Grumble LOVE ANGER (or Sex Clown Saves The World AGAIN!)
I missed out on seeing her last year and it was all people raved about so a must see this year! Hopefully she gives away her vagina prints again! (Yes, it’s true!)

Djuki Mala
Another one I missed out on, comedy and dance, they present a really interesting fusion of traditional Yolngu and contemporary dance styles. Really glad they came back again.

Party Ghost
I don’t meant to be that person but death, ghosts, comedy and the macabre?
I’m apparently going to laugh and cry? Sold!!!

Séance | An Immersive Experience
I love fully immersive performance art and this sounds really interesting, unsettling therefor interesting! Looking forward to having my senses deprived in a sea shipping container.

Stick ‘Em Up! 
A new Western themed show from my favourite gogo troupe Les Sataniques! Burlesque bandits and Camp Cowboys… how could you not? Also Sugar Du Joure is hosting so you really don’t want to miss out!

This show has a really beautiful concept of exploring anatomy and the human body which I know will be executed perfectly by Kinetica, because they are all ridiculously talented performers.

This outrageous cast of drag queens, dancers and circus performers come from Melbourne and I am so excited to see them perform in person! Especially looking forward to seeing Benjamin Hancock bring his unique performance style!

Stella Hui aka Vita Flame

Shows she’s involved in this year:

Guilty Pleasures 

Symphonies of Sensuality 2: We’re Bach 

Activate: Feel the Beat! 

Peter Combe in Live It Up and Bellyflop in a Pizza
Her top picks for Fringe World 2018:

I’m very excited for Vogue: The Madonna Circus, Voila Variete and Flaws and All!

Circus Carnis (Reverend Butcher & the Princess of Pain)

Shows they’re involved in this year:

El Bizarro: Glamour! Danger! Freaks! 

4Some of Awesome presents… (Reverend Butcher only)

Red Light Confidential, Feb 10th (Reverend Butcher only)

Their top picks for Fringe World 2018:

Hot Brown Honey 

Ho Life or No Life 

GINGZILLA: Glamonster vs the World 

Djuki Mala

Courtney Act – Under the Covers 

80s LoveBUS Tour Staring Gloria 

Betty Grumble Love & Anger (or Sex Clown Saves the World Again) 


The Fxxk Yxu Proms 

Anna Piper Scott

Shows she’s involved in this year:

Anna Piper Scott: Water Off A Cuck’s Back 

Almost Lesbians 

Her top picks for Fringe World 2018:

The Worst 

Clara Cupcakes is a goddamn national treasure. I don’t know anyone who’s seen a Clara Cupcakes show and hasn’t had an amazing time. Pure genius.

Comedy Hypnotist Matt Hale: Mindfoolness 

Matt probably doesn’t need my recommendation, cause his shows always sell out. But his skills and charm as a hypnotist are unparalleled.

Giant & Angry 

I saw Gillian Marie for the first time last year and I fell in love with her. Big, bold, vibrant storytelling with whip smart humour.

Hot Brown Honey

I’ve been waiting for this to come to Perth for FIVE THOUSAND YEARS. At least, that’s how long it feels. It’s home-grown talent that’s been storming the world. This HAS to be this year’s hot ticket.

“Is This What You Humans Call Variety?”  

This is a show hosted by a depressed laptop, and is the Fringiest Fringe that ever Fringed. The greatest performers at the festival doing their absolute weirdest acts. I have at least four stories that start with “This one time, at Mac…”

Keren Schlink aka Lola Moore

Shows she’s involved in this year:

Pupperotica: Ménage à Trois 

Guilty Pleasures 

Symphonies of Sensuality 2: We’re Bach 

Her top picks for Fringe World 2018:

This is always such a hard question! I definitely want to check out Hot Brown Honey  and Briefs: Close Encounters but also (deep breath)…What doesn’t Kill You [blah blah] Stronger,  Sense and Spontaneity, Sinsuality 3: Noir, Obscura,  The Hair Bears, Fear,  5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche,  Djuki Mala, Comma Sutra … (wheezes and passes out)

And there you have it – the inside scoop on the shows to see in 2018! If you’re going to Fringe World this year, I hope this inspires you to take a chance on a new show or artist.





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