Fringe World 2017: El Bizarro review

El Bizarro was back at Fringe World in 2017 for its third instalment, and by now everyone in the know knows that this is a show that delivers on its promises – Danger! Freaks! Glamour! – with a show that is twisted, electric and enthralling.

Absolutely not for the faint of heart, El Bizarro has quickly become a favourite among Fringe goers and Fringe performers, for the way it pushes boundaries in a celebration of excess.


In 2017 the team from Danger Cabaret brought together a fabulous line-up of local and international sideshow superstars, bizarre human oddities and burlesque babes that were equal parts sexy and shocking, entertaining and enthralling, in a dark and gritty tribute to the power of performance.

While the line-up changed throughout their run, favourites Magnus Danger Magnus, Circus Carnis and Vivian Marlowe were at the heart of the show, and were joined on the night I was there by a cavalcade of delightful special guests – the incredibly bendy Fox Chase, whip-cracking burlesque dynamite Bettie Bombshell, master of the flame Hana Priest and incredible aerialist Zitta, direct from the Crazy Horse in Paris (with fire dancers Mary Go-Round and Aleeira Merlot).

It was a wild line-up of contortion, burlesque and side show freaks that, as we’ve come to expect, left the audience gasping, cheering and cringing but unable to look away.

It’s been amazing to see the tight-knit, incredibly supported family of performers that have been brought together by Danger Cabaret – this is one show where the audience is definitely on the performers’ side, constantly cheering them on and keeping the energy high. A lot of this is of course down to the incredible Magnus Danger Magnus, MC extraordinaire, who really knows how to get – and keep – the audience revved up.

But more than this, it’s the sense of community, acceptance and love of all things dark and different combined with a feast for the senses that really makes this an unmissable show, and I’m pretty sure that’s why the tent is always packed to the rafters with wonderful weirdos. Bravo!

If you didn’t catch them this year you better hope they come back in 2018 – because you haven’t really Fringed until you’v seen El Bizarro!


Hana Priest photo by Dan Zeplin

Magnus Danger Magnus & Fire Dancers photo by John Marshall (Terrific Pictures)

*I received tickets to this show in exchange for my review (thanks Fringe World Festival). All opinions are my own.

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