Fringe World 2017: Jacque Barrett is Particularly Good at This review

Smart and charismatic comedian Jacques Barrett is a veteran of the Australian club and festival circuit, with almost a decade of shows under his belt –  making his ‘Particularly Good at This’ a funny Fringe trip not to be missed.

Well-paced and consistently on the mark, this ridiculously fun hour is filled with character renditions, strong performance skills and social commentary that captures the audience’s full attention and refuses to let it go.

Sharing his journey into the pitfalls of tall-poppy syndrome, Jacques addresses all the important issues – his seedy moustache, Aussie’s behaving badly on holidays, growing up in the country and the real reason why his flyer spells ‘particuly’ wrong. He has a unique ability to poke fun at stereotypical comedy targets while till celebrating the occasions where he has done, said or acted in these exact same ways, making him all the more relatable.

Jacques is sharp and relentless, and has an impressive knack of adapting to the crowd to keep them engaged. On the night we saw the show Jacques’ girlfriend’s mother was in the audience, and his constant references to her made it a hilariously awkward night filled with fits of uncontrollable laughter.

Intelligent and likeable, Jacques marries confessional comedy with smart observations. If you measure comedy shows in laugh-snorts as Jacques himself does, ‘Particularly Good at This’ gets a solid 3 stars – 3.5 if you count the one I managed to hold in!

You can catch Jacques Barrett is Particularly Good at This at the Elephant and Wheelbarrow tonight and tomorrow night.

Jacques Barrett Fringe World.jpg

*I received tickets to this show in exchange for my review (thanks A-List Entertainment). All opinions are my own. 

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