Fringe World 2017: Bart Freebairn – Relax and Enjoy review

Bart Freebairn has become a favourite on the Australian comedy circuit, and it’s easy to see why. His sense of humour is quirky and intelligent and Relax and Enjoy was an incredibly relatable hour of genuinely funny observations.

Throughout the show Bart’s delivery was calm and measured, and even when he talked about things he was passionate about or good-naturedly poked fun at aggressive characters he still avoided shouting for the sake of it (as unfortunately a lot of comedians tend to do). I particularly loved how even though he didn’t shy away from dropping many an f (and c) bomb, he never came across as aggressive or intimidating.

A great deal of this show was dedicated to snacks and, I’ll be honest, that was absolutely OK with me. Bart put a hilarious spin on all our guilty-pleasures and weird snacking habits, discussing the all-important issues of how much milk is appropriate for a glass of Milo and just how long you can dunk a Scotch biscuit into a cup of tea before it goes soggy. There’s talk of snacks in bed (I approve), the suggested serving sizes and the only real reason to go to the gym (hint: it involves an entire cheesecake), and these all are things I can get on board with.

Relax and Enjoy was well-structured with threads running through the show teased out at later moments, and Bart wasn’t afraid to interact with the audience when it took them a moment to put two and two together.

I wish, for both his and my own sake, that he had been playing to a bigger group – as with any comedian different jokes struck a chord with different audience members, and whenever that is the case a bigger audience makes things more enjoyable for everyone.

That said, it was a wonderfully light-hearted hour that was a lot of fun to watch, as everyday observations and actions were woven into well told, naturally hilarious stories that were silly and playful without veering into the ridiculous.

Relax and Enjoy has now finished its run at Fringe World for 2017.



*I received tickets to this show in exchange for my review (thanks Fringe World Festival). All opinions are my own. 

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