Fringe World 2017 – the artists’ top picks

In addition to sharing the shows I most want to see at Fringe World 2017, I thought I’d do something different this year and ask some of Perth’s most-loved Fringe World performers and producers what shows they want to see this year.

I hope you enjoy getting the inside scoop on unmissable shows from the artists involved in Fringe World this year.

Circus Carnis

Catch them in: El Bizarro and Bizzaro Room (Reverend Butcher only)

Their top picks:

Mâché: HOME – Premier Perth drag, saw it last year, loved it!

Peter Combe in Bellyflop in a Pizza – Childhood memories and singsongs!

The Little Death Club – By the genius behind Eastend Cabaret.

Pink on the Inside – David Eriksson – He was in El Bizarro last year and is mind glowingly talented.

Josh Earl Vs The Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake Book – We saw this a few years ago and loved it –  it’s a must see if your mum had that cookbook, 80s/90s childhood memories!

Peter and Bambi Heaven, The Magic Inside – no words, just see it!

Tomás Ford

Catch him in: Tomás Ford’s Chase!, Crap Music Rave Party and producing the Hubbub festival in Mandurah

His top picks:

John Robertson: The Dark Room is so much fun, he plays a ridiculous retro dungeon adventure computer game with the audience while bullying them in the most hilarious way. You’ve gotta do that.

I’m pretty excited about all the stuff I’ve got coming down to Mandurah, actually. Basically asked a pile of my mates from around the international circuit to come over and they all said yes, so we’ve got QUITE the program.

Outside of that, probably Stewart Bowden and Wil Greenway – their shows have been a big inspiration for me, if in some of the more story stuff I’m doing this year, so if you haven’t seen them, do that.

But I’m always excited to try out new acts, see local gigs and generally venture into the unknown – that’s when a Fringe feels really Fringey for me.

Essie Foxglove

Catch her in: Burlesque Idol and Red Light Confidential

Her top picks:
Ecosexual Bathhouse
If Looks Could Kill
Kitten N’ Lou: Holier Than Thou
Peter and Bambi Heaven, The Magic Inside
The Book of Life
The Little Death Club

Stella Hui (aka Vita Flame)

Catch her in (producing): Alice in Wonderland: Off With His Head!, Symphonies of Sensuality and ACTIVATE! A High-Energy Variety Show for Kids!

Her top picks:

I love comedy, cabaret and circus, so I’m especially looking forward to Cabaret Moonstruck, El Bizarro and An Absolute Idiot’s Guide to Art.

Adam Peter Scott

Catch him in: Thunder God & Other Tales, Sophie Joske: Household Name, and Adam Peter Scott’s Trivia Death Match

His top picks:

Tomas Ford’s Crap Music Rave Party – a guilty pleasure dance party without the guilt.

Becky Lou – Real Woman and Becky Lou’s Seen & Heard – Becky Lou is a national treasure and both of these sound phenomenal.

Mac the Comedy Computer’s Is This What You Humans Call Variety? – Mac the Comedy Computer’s show are the most Fringe that Fringe gets.

Kitten N’ Lou: Holier Than Thou – absolutely sensational Seattle performers mixing their queer drag burlesque aesthetic with religion. What’s not to love?

Jeff Hewitt’s Compliment Battle – I saw a trial version of this in 2016 and no show will make you feel better. It’s like an hour of pure dopamine.

Lola’s Showgirl Smear Campaign – a one woman show about burlesque and cervical cancer. People are gonna be talking about this one, I can feel it.

Expose: Volume II – Ruby Slippers alone makes this worth it

Laura Davis’s Marco? Polo! – I saw this in Melbourne and would’ve given it a standing ovation, if she hadn’t been too blindfolded to tell it was happening

Brianna William’s La Petite Merde – I don’t know why everyone isn’t talking about Brianna. She’s as smart as she is charming.

Sylvia Sippl (aka Lucinda Panties)

Catch her in: Symphonies of Sensuality and Alice In Wonderland: Off With His Head!, my solo show An Absolute Idiot’s Guide to Art and helping out with some kids shows that my students are performing in – Peter Combe’s Bellyflop in a Pizza and The WA Performance School’s ACTIVATE! A High-Energy Variety Show for Kids!

Her top picks:

I’d like to catch some of Adam Peter Scott’s ‘Over-commitment Trilogy’ (he’s producing three shows this year – see above!), the sequel to Pupperotica –  cleverly titled Come Again, and  Lola’s Showgirl Smear Campaign because it’s such a bold and brave concept that really has a strong meaning to me.

Peter Combe’s adults-only shows are always amazing fun, and I want to check out some of the local circus and cabaret shows including those presented by Kinetica, Danger Cabaret, Cut Throat Cabaret, and so many more my head is spinning!

Keren Schlink (aka Lola Moore)

Catch her in: Symphonies of Sensuality, Alice in Wonderland: Off With His Head!, Pupperotica: Come Again?, Puppet Tales

Her top picks:

Sense and Spontaneity – Always different, always hilarious

Dr Felicity Rickshaw’s Celebrity Sex Party – Musical theatre at its most ridiculous!

Kitten N’ Lou – I NEED to manage to see these guys this year

Briefs – Ditto

Impure Thoughts – Claire Healy is incredible

The 4 Stuntmen of the Apocalypse – Funniest group I saw last year, my chest hurt afterwards

An Absolute Idiot’s Guide to Art – Sylvia’s show last year was amazing, I have high hopes for her latest offering!

Jon Madd

Catch him in: Abracadabra and Other Useless Magic Words…, Cut-throat Cabaret (guest spot on 27th Jan and 1st Feb)

His top picks:

As always, no matter how many times I’ve seen it, I still really want to go see Briefs again.

I managed to catch Peter and Bambi Heaven, The Magic Inside at last year’s Fringe and it was a hilarious mix of cabaret and shitty magic. Very entertaining show indeed

In terms of good magic shows, I’m always excited to see what Stuart Lightbody has in store. His card work is so clean, so clever, and I always have so much to learn from him. He’s got a new show this year, so I’m pretty keen to check it out.

Last year I caught Jamie MacDowell and Tom Thum, and it was actually one of my favourite shows. Not just because of their musicality and respective individual skills, but more so the chemistry between them, and the casual flow that they seem to have that you really can’t get unless you’re really tight, and I think that love is contagious.

Also keen to check out Otto & Astrid – Eurosmash!, having seen them two or maybe three years ago but never since. I’m not usually a fan of musical comedy, but something about that duo that did it for me. Maybe it’s the pseudo-sibling thing they got going on, or the clownesque make up…

Something that may not appeal to as wide an audience but I’m really looking forward to is “AA” Abnormal Asian by Jinx Yeo. Another act that I chanced upon last year and his style of humour really resonated with me, not sure if it’s because we both grew up in Singapore, but he’s been doing quite well on the circuits and I think he’s on the rise and am definitely looking forward to hearing some of his new material.

And there you have it – the inside scoop on the shows to see in 2017! A massive thankyou to those who submitted their picks and if you’re going to Fringe World this year I hope this inspires you to take a chance on a new show or artist!


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