Where to find a good veggie burger in Perth

It’s no secret that I LOVE a good veggie burger! My ideal veggie burger has a patty made with chickpeas or lentils and I’m always partial to a burger with cheese and a good aioli.

There are a few things I personally hate in a veggie burger – including eggs, a whole field mushroom instead of a patty and any ‘burger’ that’s really just a bunch of grilled veggies in a bun – because that’s not a burger, that’s a grilled veggie sandwich!

With that in mind, here are my favourite spots to get a good veggie burger in Perth – as well as a few burgers I’ve got my sights set on trying.

The Tried and Tested burgers:

Flipside Burgers

Flipside was one of the very first gourmet burger joints to open up and I remember making the trek to Fremantle on several occasions because I didn’t know where else to get a good veggie burger from. They’re still on the list for me, and they never disappoint. Wrap your mouth around the Garden Party – a spicy chickpea and sweet potato burger with beetroot, cheese, salad, tomato relish and mayo; or the Kenny Burger – a spicy chickpea and sweet potato patty with red pepper chilli jam, fresh coriander, rocket salad mayo.  You can find Flipside in Northbridge, North Fremantle, Wembly and Como.

Ribs & Burgers

There are two veggie burgers on the menu at Ribs & Burgers – one is a crunchy falafel burger with feta and aioli, and the other is stuffed with a field mushroom and haloumi. The burgers are nice and big and if you grab a side of chips, you’re sure to be full for hours. Read my full review here and then head to Ribs & Burgers at 140 stat! ribsandburgers.com


Grill’d is one of my go-to places to grab a nice big, tasty burger and the chips with herbed mayo are a favourite. On the menu you’ll find the Garden Goodness burger (my fave) which is a veggie patty with avocado, cheese, beetroot, salad, relish and herbed mayo; Friends of Falafel, which is a felafel patty with pumpkin, tzatziki, lemon slaw and hummus; and the Field of Dreams, which is a grilled field mushroom with roasted pepper, basil pesto, cheese, salad and herbed mayo. You can find Grill’d in loads of locations around Perth, including Mt Lawley, Leederville, the CBD, Subiaco, Fremantle, Hillarys and Scarborough.

Lord of the Fries

If you’re in the city and craving a veggie or vegan burger, get ye to Lord of the Fries. They’ve got an extensive menu if you don’t mind faux meats, as well as one burger made with a veggie patty and one (exclusive to Perth) made with quinoa. Plus they’ve got loads of tasty sides and sauces – read my full review here or visit Lord of the Fries in the Perth CBD.

Alfred’s Kitchen

Alfred’s Kitchen is a Perth institution – I can vividly remember the first time I went there (with my family after performing in a Rock Eisteddfod in 1998) with lots of less-vivid memories of stopping by late at night (or should I say early in the morning) during my 20s. Grab a jacket, get down to Guildford and enjoy a lentil burger with a side of chips while sitting next to their fire on a chilly wintry evening – it can’t be beaten.

The To Try Burgers:

Jus Burgers

It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten a Jus Burgers burger, which is why they’re on my to-try list and not in my faves list. But there veggie burgers do sound pretty good – especially the one with roasted panko crumbed pumpkin, goat’s cheese and pesto. There’s also a tempeh burger, a traditional falafel burger, and the make your own option where you can choose any four options from the extras menu – think cheese, avocado, beetroot, mushroom, pineapple, etc. You can grab one from either Leederville or Subiaco.

Health Freak Café

There’s a vegan burger on offer at Health Food Café that looks pretty darn good – it features a quinoa and beetroot patty, with avocado, sweet potato and lemon aioli.

You can find Health Freak Café in Mt Lawley, Scarborough, Halls Head and Applecross, with more stores set to open around the city soon.

Missy Moos

There are three veggie burgers available at Missy Moos – Jack and the Beanstalk (featuring tempeh, avocado and hummus), Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater (with a pumpkin patty, beetroot and aioli) and Rockabye Baby (a falafel patty with tahini and chilli jam). I’m keen to try the latter two, at either Mt Hawthorn or South Fremantle.


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