The Food Project: Ribs & Burgers

You might think that a place called Ribs & Burgers wouldn’t be high on the ‘must visit’ list for a vegetarian, but thanks to their delicious veggie burger, you’d be wrong.

A couple of nights ago I caught up with a bunch of girls that I used to work with in the city, and looking for something cheap but delicious we decided to head to Rib & Burgers at 140 William Street. They don’t currently have a liquor license for this location, so we met for a quick drink at The Boheme and then it was just a short walk to Ribs & Burgers.

Ribs & Burgers Perth

They don’t take bookings, and we were in a group of six, but the staff were very friendly and wasted no time getting us a table. It’s counter service, so we started ordering and by the time three of us had placed our orders they had a table ready for us.

140 has quickly become one of my favourite spots in the CBD – all the venues are funky, they’ve got great décor and a nice casual atmosphere. Ribs & Burgers is no exception; its fitted out with rustic wooden tables, black and white décor, and the dishes are served up on cute wooden chopping boards. They’ve got mostly indoor seating with a couple of tables outside, but as it was a chilly evening we were more than happy to be seated inside.

So, onto the meals. There are two veggie burgers available here – The Veggie Patch, which has a field mushroom, haloumi, onion rings, lettuce and aioli; and the Falafel, which is what I opted for at $11.50. It comes with rocket, feta, beetroot, Spanish onion and Moroccan aioli, although I ordered mine without the beetroot.

Falafel burger 2

It was a nice big burger and the falafel patty was super crunchy. The rocket was mild, the feta was plentiful, and all the flavours worked really well together. What else can I say – it was a tasty, crunchy, and not-too-messy-to-eat veggie burger that went down a treat!

All of the sides on the menu are vegetarian – there’s a cabbage salad (ordered by one of the girls in our group, and it looked nice and fresh), what they call the butcher’s salad (aka a garden salad), a rocket salad with feta, onion rings, and chips.

I, of course, went with the chips, with a side of aioli. The side order of chips cost $4 and was a really decent size, and the regular size for $6 would have fed our whole group. Even though you have to pay for the sauces, the tubs they came in were huge – it was great to see such good value in Perth.

The chips were golden and crunchy and the aioli was super moorish (although quite garlicy).

And of course your mates who eat meat are well catered to here, with all kinds of burgers – from chicken to salmon to lamb – along with a few different types of ribs, wings and more.

As I’ve said, the serving sizes here are very generous, but our waiter was more than happy to hand over a stack of takeaway burger containers and lids for the dips, so that we could take the leftovers home with us.

All in all it was a delicious, decently priced meal in a cute setting with a casual vibe – and that ticks a lot of boxes in my mind! The only negative was that the floors were really, really slippery (and as I broke my shoulder last time I slipped, you can bet I was hugging the walls when I walked around this place!) and one of the girl’s toilets was out of order.

The verdict: For a place specialising in meat, they sure know how to make a good veggie burger!

Ribs & Burgers –   Shop 24, 140 William ST, Perth

Open every day from 11am to 9:30pm, and 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

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