The Food Project: tbsp.

It’s not often that I can pop out to a café that is close to home and also be treated to great service and a delicious breakfast that will keep me full well into the evening. Thankfully, tbsp. managed to do all three with a bang.

This modern, warm and uncluttered café gets a lot of things right, starting with location. Bayswater’s King William Street has been crying out for new venues, and I can only hope other aspiring restaurant/café owners take note of its success and help this suburb meet its potential.

While tbsp. is packed on weekends, often with a line out the door, on the Friday morning I went it was pleasantly busy but not crowded, and we were easily able to secure a table for four adults, two babies and a toddler. The atmosphere at tbsp. was friendly and relaxed, and it was refreshingly spacious – it was a nice change not to bump into the chair behind me or be able to hear the conversation at the next table.

The second thing they’re getting right here is service. Good service is hard to come by, and we all noticed just how great the attention to detail was here. After placing our orders at the counter, our coffees were delivered so quickly we could have carried them back from the cash register ourselves. While I don’t drink it myself, I have only heard good things about their brews. I ordered a pineapple juice and even though it was only a couple of minutes behind the other drinks, the waiter apologised for the delay caused by having to cut up a fresh pineapple – which was absolutely OK by me!

The drinks menu is quite substantial, with a good range of coffees, teas, iced drinks and cold-pressed juices.

The third thing they’ve nailed – and perhaps the most important – is the food. It’s a little bit different and a lot delicious. While it’s described as having an Asian twist, I found this applied to the meat-based dishes more so than the vegetarian ones. That said, there was a good choice of vegetarian items – which was great because nothing irks me more than when the only being able to choose between pancakes and muesli.

Brioche French toast.JPG

There was no question what I was going to order as I’d seen way too many photos of the brioche French toast not to try it. Our food arrived quickly and the presentation was gorgeous. I was served up a nice thick slice of brioche, lightly crunchy on the outside and amazingly soft on the inside, not too eggy and topped with a sweet yet salty cereal crunch, a lovely whipped honey butter and freeze-dried raspberries that offered a wonderful tart pop of flavour. I honestly can’t say enough good things about this dish – it was sweet but not too sweet and light yet incredibly filling; without a doubt, it was one of the best breakfasts I’ve had in a long time and I’d happily go back for more.

One of the girls I was with ordered another vegetarian dish – the roasted pumpkin tartine. Again, it looked amazing and apparently tasted just as good, with the roast pumpkin, ricotta, fennel, red onion and coriander sitting atop a slice of walnut toast.

The other (non-egg based) vegetarian dishes on the current menu are toast with spreads; toasted muesli with natural yoghurt, honey and fruit; a grilled cheese sandwich with kimchi; and a quinoa bowl with beetroot, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, mizuna (Japanese greens), orange miso and an egg.

Pumpkin tartine.JPG

A savoury brioche served with chorizo was very much enjoyed by the third member of our group, and there are some interesting items on the menu for the meat-eaters, from scrambled eggs with a twist to a pulled pork baguette and fried chicken sandwich.

With a cabinet full of delicious-looking baked goods – including their insta-famous donuts in flavour ranging from salted chocolate to pandan and tonka bean, from raspberry and yuzu to black sesame and matcha – tsbp. has everything you need for an all-day brunch.

From what I’ve seen across social media, all of the things I loved seem to be the norm here at tbsp. from the consistently fantastic service to the interesting and well delivered dishes.

The verdict: A well-earned reputation puts tbsp. a good few steps above many typical suburban cafes. You can bet I’ll be back to work my way through the vegetarian items on the menu.


tbsp. – 10 King William St, Bayswater

Open Tuesday to Sunday until 3pm


Donut image credit: @tbsp_bayswater

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