What I Ate: 24/4/16

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE hearing about what other people are eating. I’m always on the lookout for new ideas, interesting recipes, different food combinations and ways to reinvent my favourites.

I also know there are lots of people who are still a bit stumped when it comes to a vegetarian diet – I often get asked what I eat, how I get my protein and iron, and how I stop things from getting boring.

So I thought I’d share a bit of a weekly diary of what I eat, if you’d like to have a read – and feel free to ask any questions.

(I am obviously not a food photographer or nutrition specialist – and yes, I know, I need to eat more greens!)


Breakfast – I threw together quick and simple porridge made with rolled oats and soy milk, topped with cinnamon and grated apple.

Lunch – A nice easy salad of baby spinach, pear, chickpeas and almonds, dressed with lemon juice and apple balsamic.

Dinner – My parents gave me a bunch of sweet potatoes from their garden, so I made a spicy soup with sweet potato, carrot, leek, tomatoes and quinoa.


Breakfast – Couscous topped with cinnamon, apple and lactose-free vanilla yoghurt. This is one of my favourite brekkies as it keeps me full for ages.

Lunch – I had an egg leftover from baking so I made corn fritters, and topped them with diced tomatoes, feta, lemon juice and basil.

Dinner – Tonight was a leftover night, so I finished up the spicy sweet potato soup.


Breakfast – I finished up some leftover corn fritters, without the feta this time.

Lunch – I had an impromptu lunch date with the girls at Little Guildford. Their veggie options were kind of mushroom heavy, so instead I opted for the open chicken and Brie sandwich, sans chicken and with added avocado. I love that they’re always really accommodating about making menu changes here!

Dinner – My parents garden overflows with tomatoes so each year my mum makes up huge batches of pasta sauce, made with tomatoes and whatever other home-grown veggies are available. I’ve got jars and jars of this sauce, so my go to quick and easy dinner is pasta with homemade sauce. I added a tin of lentils and some parmesan, and use high protein, low carb pasta.


Breakfast – Last night I made a baked chocolate and peanut butter oatmeal that I ate in the morning. These are so delicious, and relatively healthy – I use this recipe.

Lunch – I got stuck into some camembert from the Yallingup Cheese Company, on light rye sourdough with sliced tomatoes, salt and pepper. I also had half a pear that was sitting in the fridge.

Dinner – This evening I was busy getting ready for a long weekend away with friends, so I had a picky dinner – a tiny bit of leftover pasta, some carrot sticks, Colby cheese on a piece of light sourdough and half an apple.


Breakfast – We were eager to get on the road quickly so it was plain old toast this morning.

Lunch – We got to Margaret River just in time for lunch, and my parents had gourmet rolls waiting for us! Mine had cheese, salad, avocado, basil pesto and onion, which I picked out.

Dinner – The first of my friends arrived in the late afternoon, so we put together a cheese platter to snack of with a glass of wine. We had the Yallingup Cheese Company camembert, Red Leicester and Pecorino, with plum paste, dip, veggie stick and antipasto. Later on the guys cooked up a barbecue, so I had a lentil patty along with potato salad and a quinoa, sweet potato, cranberry and pine nut salad.


Breakfast – The gang had a cooked brekky of bacon and eggs on toast, so I opted for feta and home-grown tomatoes on toast.

Lunch – Today we spent the day exploring wineries, and were absolutely starving by the time we rocked up to Swings and Roundabouts mid-afternoon. We were a little disappointed to discover that they only served pizzas, however they ended up looking pretty good. As I’m not big on melted cheese I ordered the bruschetta. Unfortunately the toast was overcooked and ridiculously crunchy, and it could’ve done with a little more dressing, but it was a nice big serving.

Dinner – We had another cheese plate when we got back from tasting ALL THE WINE. This was followed by a late pasta dinner – we had Bolognese, basil pesto and mum’s tomato sauce, so I stuck with the tomato.

Sunday (my birthday!)

Breakfast – Pancakes! I had a nice fluffy pancake topped with Nutella and bananas, and followed it up with a lactose-free yoghurt, just to keep me full for a bit longer.

Lunch – The gang took me out for a nice birthday lunch today, at Morries in Margaret River. In addition to tapas they offered a really good value lunch special of a meal and a glass of wine/beer for $25. We all opted for this – I had a beetroot gnocchi with fresh ricotta, kale, pine nuts, toasted almonds, mushrooms and roasted tomato, and it was surprisingly really good! I only say surprisingly because I don’t normally like beetroot, and I’m not a huge fan of mushroom or kale (I know right?) BUT they all went really well together in this dish and I could easily have eaten more of it!

Dinner – We started off with ANOTHER cheese board, because that’s just what you have to do in Margaret River, right? This time it included an incredible triple cream camembert paired with fresh honeycomb – and wow, what a combination! It was amazing! A little later in the night we had a dinner of leftovers to try to empty out the fridge – I had potato salad, quinoa salad and a pasta salad with bocconcini, tomato, basil and balsamic vinegar.

And that was my week in food!

Of course it also included a whole bunch of snacks and, most importantly, a delicious chocolate birthday cake that my guy ordered from the Cowaramup Bakery – which I’ll be eating all week!

What have you been eating lately?





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