The Retail Project: Daisy and Rowe

I think I’ve just found a new favourite retail space!

This morning I was about to do what I normally do when I need to get a gift for someone – head into Mt Lawley or Leederville, wander around and get increasingly anxious because I can’t find the “perfect” gift, and then buy something in a panic. But not today!

I jumped on Instagram just before I left the house, and thanks to We Love Perth saw there was an eye-catching gift store in Bassendean by the name of Daisy and Rowe that was worth a visit.

The first thing I noticed when I stepped in the door is that Daisy and Rowe smells amazing, thanks to a mix of fresh wildflowers and bunches of tulips available to buy, as well as a good range of candles and skincare products that not only look pretty but smell good too.


The second thing that caught my eye was their gorgeous stationery because I’m a sucker for a paper product. One wall is dedicated to beautiful cards, notebooks, journals and prints, and I honestly could have walked away with a big handful of them!

I quickly found a lovely gift for my bestie (that they gift-wrapped for free) and also treated myself to a necklace because hey, why not?

So what else can you find in this great little store? A wonderful mix of pretty things for yourself, your home and your best mates. They’ve got everything from women’s clothing, delicate and wonderful jewellery, and handbags and purses, to books, men’s accessories, lots of gorgeous baby items and SO MANY delightful – and functional – homewares (think all the cutest things needed to serve coffee, tea, cheese and more).


Some of the brands stocked include Elk, Status Anxiety, Robert Gordon, Wilson & Frenchy, Toshi, Jolie & Deen, Triumph & Disaster, Quay Australia, The Beach People and Bloomingville.

The ladies in store were absolutely lovely and you’ll want to come back for the service as much as anything else.

It turns out I chose the best day to stop by as they were celebrating their two year anniversary! This meant a glass of bubbles to enjoy while browsing and sweet treats from the nearby Holly Raye’s café, making it an absolute winner in my book.

You can find Daisy and Rowe at 16 Old Perth Road in Bassendean, open 9am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday, 9am to 3pm on Saturday and 10am to 1pm on Sunday.


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