The Food Project: Lord of the Fries

There’s been a lot of buzz around the opening of Lord of the Fries in Perth – we now have our very own fast food joint serving up all vegetarian and vegan goodies! It offers what most other fast food places can’t give us veggos – choice, from a range of burgers, hotdogs and all kinds of delicious fries.

When a crappy day at work last week called for a stiff drink and some good ole comfort food, we decided to give Lord of the Fries a try.

Unfortunately there was a bit of a mix up with our order that led to us waiting quite a long time for our meal, but the staff were very apologetic and did what they could to make it up to us, so I won’t hold it against them. (Although it did mean that it was dark when we ate so I couldn’t get a very good photo.)

So, first up there’s no seating here which means all orders are takeaway, but there are a few park benches nearby where you can chow down.

Second up, all the burgers and hotdogs on the menu, with the exception of one, feature fake meat products. They’ve got not-chicken burgers, not-beef burgers, not-um…-hot-dog hotdogs. I was really intrigued to try these out as I typically steer away from fake meat products because, well, I don’t like things that taste like meat…but I was still keen to give them a try!

I ordered the New Guru burger (pictured above), which is the only one with a veggie patty. I got mine without onion and pickles, and it came with lettuce, tomato, ketchup and spicy mayo. I’d say that this was a decent veggie burger – nothing fancy or amazing, but a good solid vegetarian option, and the spicy mayo was pretty good.


My date had the poutine burger, which was stuffed full of fries, cheese, fake bacon, onions, gravy and garlic mayo, all on top of a veggie beef patty. We pulled it apart so I could taste all the bits – the patty was quite mild and didn’t have an overt flavour that I could name, but the fake bacon was definitely not for me!

To me, it was an overpowering smokey flavour that tasted just like bacon – and I don’t like bacon. My meat-eating date said it actually tasted nothing like bacon, and certainly didn’t have the texture of bacon, but all together he enjoyed the burger and said it was pretty tasty.

We got sides of the classic fries, which were delicious, and tried the Indian sauce (spicy mango chutney sour cream) which I wasn’t a huge fan of and what I think was the Vietnamese sauce (spicy chilli mayo), which was pretty tasty.

The nuggets were a hit with my date but I couldn’t get past the texture – there really aren’t any vegetarian foods that I’d describe as juicy and these certainly were, so it was a weird sensation. I didn’t love them but I didn’t hate them; these little bite-size pieces had a vague chicken stock flavour and good crunch on the outside. We got ours smothered in East LA sauce – hot cheese with salsa and jalapenos, which was super tasty.

All up, we were pretty satisfied with our meals. I’d definitely grab a burger from here again, partly because I think it’s great to support places that serve up so many vegetarian options so that it encourages others to open up, and partly because there still aren’t that many places to grab a good veggie burger from around town.

I’d be keen to try the other fries on offer – chunky, shoe string and sweet potato – and the range of sauces to go with them sounds great. But I think I’ll avoid the fake meats and stick to the veggie patty!

The verdict: Vegetarian, vegan, burgers, fries, shakes – these are all good things!

Lord of the Fries – 110 William St Perth
Open from 10am til late every day

Featured image credit: @lordofthefries1

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