Fringe World 2016: Cut-Throat Cabaret review

Cut-Throat Cabaret is a massive undertaking by Deadly Entertainment, with host Deadly Serious presenting 38 acts from 11 different genres and 27 artists, performed across six nights. Perfect for when you’re not sure what you want to see, it offers up different local, national and international acts every night with a unique mix of burlesque, circus, comedy and magic.

One of my favourite things about this show was the true variety – so many cabaret acts seem to largely revolve around burlesque, and this was the first time I’d seem comedy included in the mix Throw in some vaudeville, a dash of contortion, two lots of things on fire and some cheeky magic from one of Perth’s favourites, and it was a recipe for an interesting night.

On the opening night, 24-year old comedian Sam Cribb set the pace with light-hearted quips about life as a uni dropout that resonated well with an audience that sported more than a few art majors.

Elena Gabrielle kicked things up a notch and impressed with her strong voice and a cheeky song about an unwanted knock on the backdoor sung directly to an audience member, while Sassy Limbs from WA circus group Kinetica delivered an energetic dance and contortion number.

The brilliant Sugar Du Joure shimmied and shook her way through a classy striptease before setting her tassels on fire and twirling them gusto, while the eccentric and charismatic Mr Gorski was a hit with smooth juggling acts that bridged the worlds of circus, cabaret and vaudeville.

The enigmatic entertainer extraordinaire Jon Madd was a wonderfully playful addition to the line up – he had the personality to pull off what would usually be up-close magic (think card tricks and magic rings) on the stage, and proved he truly is as captivating as his name suggests.

The night ended in style with a mash up of aerial and fire work from Elle Diablo. With a killer song, a creepy mask and a sinister political message it was a badass finale fitting for a showcase that celebrated the weird and wonderful world of Fringe.

Cut-throat cabaret.jpg

Over the next few nights you can expect to see acts from much-loved burlesque performers Ginger Rabbit and Carletta the Great, comedy from Sian Choyce and Jez Watts, and variety acts from Pirateman Michael, Gloria Gloryhole, Ivana B Serious and Charlie D Barkle, just to name a few.

Lots of these guys star in other shows throughout Fringe and that is testament to the best thing about Cut-Throat Cabaret – it brings together quality performers for a solid night of entertainment where anything goes.

Cut-Throat Cabaret is on until 14 February, 8:45pm at the Black Flamingo in the Pleasure Garden.

*I received tickets to this show in exchange for my review (thanks Deadly Entertainment). All opinions are my own. 

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