Fringe World 2015: Wyatt Nixon Lloyd – 200 Voicemails review

When Wyatt Nixon Lloyd asked for a show of hands from those who hate voicemail, you could tell we were just the right audience for his new show. Wyatt Nixon Lloyd – 2000 Voicemails speaks to all of us who find voicemails frustrating, a waste of time and downright annoying, taking us on a charming and honest journey through his life without this facet of modern technology.

Using real voicemails left received (and ignored) several years ago, multi-award winning actor, comedian, musician, director, improviser and comedian Wyatt Nixon Lloyd weaves a rich and personal tapestry that was highly relatable and left the audience grinning as we pondered – could ignoring voicemails be one of the greatest life hacks ever?

The show covered a flurry of topics from growing up in the country, to conversations with housemates, workmates and bed mates, through missed opportunities, voicemails from unknown people and the very few messages Wyatt wished he’d actually listened to at the time.

“Like all good procrastinators, I’ve turned ignoring work into an art form. I have been so good at putting off listening to them that the only way i can force myself to do it is public trial by fire,” Wyatt said.

While clever in concept, and generally a lot of fun, it was the tales of growing up on a farm and an incredible prank played on a mate while working in radio that got the most laughs; the events looked back on with a sense of nostalgia were the ones that clicked the best. Often the voicemail messages themselves felt rushed and secondary to the action, as if they were merely a tool to get from one story to another. I couldn’t help but wonder – if Wyatt himself hadn’t cared enough about these messages to listen to them, why should we?

That said, I don’t doubt that with a little polishing this could be adapted into a highly successful concept. It has a great foundation, and Wyatt himself is genuine, enthusiastic, and easy to like, making this an enjoyable performance regardless.

I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for Wyatt next time he comes to town, and I look forward to seeing more of what he has to offer.

Tonight is you last night to check this one out, at 8:30pm in the Pleasure Garden.

* I received tickets to this show in exchange for my review (thanks Wyatt Nixon Lloyd). All opinions are my own. 

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