Fringe World 2015: Jekyll x James Cactus Blastus review

Silly and ridiculous while still remaining clever and well thought-out, Sydney’s Jared Jekyll and Cameron James delivered a high energy, musical sketch comedy show unlike anything I’ve seen before.

With no expectations and no real idea of what I was getting myself into, Jekyll X James Cactus Blastus left me laughing (and shaking my head in bewilderment) for almost an hour.

In the intimate Noodle Palace setting, the Cowardly Cameron James and Jekyll the Kid took us on a journey through the Wild West, from Hell’s Mouth to Heaven’s Pussy, with skits covering everything from armed robbery and a surprising endearing brothel visit to a race from the law and a hanging, all accompanied by clever and catchy musical interludes.

With lots of slick, in-character improvisation and audience interaction, Jekyll and James tore down the fourth wall making several visibly uncomfortable audience members part of the show (much to the delight of those looking on). The resulting awkwardness was something that could never have been scripted, and yet worked perfectly in the spirit of the show.

These two comedians were not afraid to cross the line of political correctness, delivering mildly racist, crude, and several downright disturbing scenarios in a fun and good-natured way that never failed to draw laughter from the audience.

Cactus Blastus was hilarious and pretty damn cool, the kind of fun show reminiscent of late drunken nights with your mates and those stories that are hilarious at the time but only receive a raised eyebrow when you try to explain them to others later on; combining physical comedy, disastrous accents, a lot of musical talent, witty one-liners and over the top setups that go all out to get a laugh, Jekyll and James charmed their way into my heart.

My only wish was for a louder guitar to add a bit more bad-assery to the show, although I realise this was likely a result of venue restrictions rather than artist choice.

Catch Jekyll X James at the Noodle Palace at 10:20pm on Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th February (but be quick to get your tickets as they’ve been selling out).

Photos by Jeremy Belinfante  

 *I received tickets to this show in exchange for my review (thanks A-List Entertainment). All opinions are my own.

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