Fringe World 2015:Frisky and Mannish – Just Too Much review

If you’re distinctly anti-pop music yet somehow find yourself singing along to Miley on the radio; if you’ve ever had a Taylor Swift song stuck in your head; and if you somehow know the lyrics to most of the songs in the charts even though you always listen to Triple J, then this show is for you.

While in the past UK duo Frisky and Mannish have been all about providing a pop music education via fun mashups, hilarious satire and cheeky medleys, with Just Too Much the focus is on divas, excess, sassy insults, and a look at just what happens when pop goes bad.

With glorious costume changes ranging from sequined gowns to roller-skates with glittery socks and a down and dirty pirate outfit, the glorious Frisky and Mannish tackle all the big issues from feminism to celebrity breakdowns in this hour of madness. They mash together some of our generations most recognisable pop acts, from Beyoncé, Sinead O’Connor and Robin Thicke to Lady Gaga, Courtney Love and Miley Cyrus in a cleverly penned display of non-stop entertainment that borders on the absolutely ridiculous.

As I’ve come to expect with this duo, #JustTooMuch was about the music more than anything, and they hit the mark each and every time, showing diversity in range and style.

While there was the occasional song that I didn’t recognise and the odd very-British reference that didn’t quite get the expected reaction, the mentions of Sandra Sully and WAAPA were a hit with the locals and went a long way in endearing Frisky and Mannish to the audience. Throw in lashings of quick wit and outrageous characters developed to a tee, a Lorde quiz game show, some delightfully childish bickering, dazzling getups, glorious pouting by Mannish (and some rather revealing costumes choices, oh my!), a bewildering dream sequence and a truly hilarious bit with a burger that left my cheeks sore from laughter, and you’ve got yourself a clever show that knows just how to push the boundaries.

If I had to sum up #JustTooMuch in just one word, above all else (hilarious, innovative, enthusiastic and surprising) I’d say it was damn FUN – not just for us, but from the looks of things, for the performers as well.

If you want to see what Fringe World is really all about, go see Just Too Much, it’s on at 9:30pm in the Circus Theatre in the Perth Cultural Centre every night from now until Sunday 1st February.

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