Fringe World 2015: Trixie and Monkey – The Time is Ripe

Where else but Fringe World can you witness the marriage of a monkey and a burlesque performer, and then celebrate with union with impressive acrobatics, aerial trapeze tricks, an ode to bananas and of course some good old-fashioned tassel spinning stripping?

New York’s award winning burlesque circus comedy duo Trixie Little and the Evil Hate Monkey are back at Fringe World for the third year in a row with The Time is Ripe, celebrating their 14 years together. Combining crude comedy, stunning costumes and striking routines with audience involvement that will make you squirm in your seat, you’ll want to make sure you bring an open mind and a sense of adventure for this inside look into a unique love affair.

The show started with a white wedding and quickly delve into the inner workings of Monkey’s brain (and bottom), sultry burlesque dances that are ever so ‘a-peeling’ (trust me, when you see the impressive costuming you’ll understand that pun), tumbling acrobatics, a Kama Sutra inspired aerial number that will make you gasp, a gypsy who reads people’s sex future (and an audience member who, quite literally, had to gaze into the crystal balls), a smattering of spanking, loads of champagne and a rendition of Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart” unlike any you’ve seen before.

While I felt that some of their jokes fell a little short and that the audience interaction and camaraderie wasn’t as strong as it could have been, this was overall a fun and surprising show. Trixie and the Monkey even hung around afterwards for photos and a chat, and more than one Fringe-goer was surprised when monkey jumped on them for the photo op.


With highly skilled sexy-smart antics and a charming love-hate dynamic, Trixie and Monkey’s The Time is Ripe was a laugh-out-loud feast of cheeky comedy and sexy stripping that I’ll never forget.

If you hurry you can catch The Time is Ripe tonight and tomorrow at 8:30pm in the Pleasure Garden.

Otherwise, you can see the Evil Hate Monkey in Briefs: The Second Coming and Club Briefs from 28 January to 9 February.

Featured image by Eli Schmidt

 *I was gifted tickets to this show in exchange for my review (thanks Fringe World Festival). All opinions are my own.  

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