Fringe World 2015: my top picks

It’s almost time for Fringe World – my most favourite time of the year in Perth! In 2015, there will be more than 500 shows across 100 venues throughout Perth (including Midland, Fremantle, Victoria Park, Scarborough and Mandurah) offering 31 days of ‘Perthect’ entertainment from 23 January to 22 February.

I’ve put together a list of my top picks, to help get you in the mood (click the title of each show to be taken to the Fringe World website for ticketing details).

Cut-Throat Cabaret (18+), 10 Feb – 14 Feb

Deadly Entertainment presents a group of local, national and international artists to perform an eclectic mix of magic, music, circus, comedy and burlesque for a cut-throat night of Cabaret. Artists change with every show.

EastEnd Cabaret: Sexual Tension (15+), 29 Jan – 17 Feb

I saw EastEnd Cabaret’s 2014 show – Dirty Talk – and loved it – smart, funny, and a little bit naughty, Bernadette Byrne and Victor Victoria went all out for an enjoyable night. Join the half-moustachioed army and get ready for some audience participation!

 El Bizarro (18+), 5 Feb – 7 Feb

WA’s own Danger Cabaret presents this carnival experience that promises to be unlike anything Fringe has ever seen, with a glamourous and bizarre collection of international sideshow rarities, human oddities and striptease sensations. It stars locals Magnus Danger Magnus, The Astonishing Johnny Domino, Circus Carnis, Vivian Marlowe and Odile Devine, as well as international guests, and I can’t wait to check it out.

Frisky and Mannish: Just Too Much (15+), 23 Jan – 1 Feb

Another of my favourites, pop-duet Frisky and Mannish are back with the Australian premier of their all new pop-comedy-mashup-infotainment show – I guarantee you’ll be singing their songs long after the show is over.

Oh Crumbs! Twice Baked (18+), 8 Feb – 11 Feb

Last year I called Miss Jane and Clara Cupcakes fun, cheeky, spirited, enthusiastic, joyful, clever, hilarious, sweet, sassy, glamorous, crafty, delicious and delightful and their second helping is a revised performance with extra nice bits added – and it sounds damn good!

Pretty Peepers “The Glitta Supernova Experience” (18+), 9 Feb – 15 Feb

“Glitta Supernova is a mutant hybrid, a human waste by-product of the machine. Systemic over feeding, over selling, over sexing, over inflated, over it! Pop will eat itself and it has. Spanning multiple species this creature feature reflects on the human condition circa 1955 – 2025.
Think The Mighty Boosh mashed with Benny Hill on the Deep Throat set with The Young Ones narrating.” With a blurb like that, how can you say no?

The Freak and the Showgirl: Greatest T.I.T.S (Totally Inclusive Theatrical Spectacular) (18+), 17 Feb – 22 Feb

This is the show I am most nervous about seeing! I’ve heard that these guys are pretty full on – so be prepared if you go see it! It promises freaky fun and feminist glamour, promoting the message of acc-sexability through striptease, sideshow and song, leaving all who come forever changed, rearranged, and sometimes deranged. The fusion of cabaret, theatre and burlesque stars Mat Fraser (who recently starred in American Horror Story: Freak Show) and Miss Coney Island, Julie Atlas Muz.

The Merchant of Whimsy (18+), 23 Jan – 27 Jan

Clara Cupcakes has got to be one of the funnest and silliest performers around, and Merchant is her solo show exploring what being whimsical actually means. “Is it all mason jars filled with lemonade sipped through stripey straws by doe eyed dream girls or is there more to the saccharine sweetness hiding under the polka dot surface. In a world where strange is sidelined and twee is a four letter word, join vaudeville vagabond and burlesque bon vivant Clara Cupcakes as she playfully ponders the modern idea of whimsy, happiness and manic pixie dreams through acts of circus, music and sheer stupidity; questioning if it still means what Wikipedia tells her it does or if perhaps a new definition is in order.”

The Time is Ripe (18+), 23 Jan – 27 Jan

Trixie Little and the Evil Hate Monkey are back for what is sure to be a fun-filled show hour what they call ‘Cabaret Erotique’. The show promises to be life changing, with impressive acrobatics, masterful striptease, and irresistible charm, pairing together new acts and some of their best. Get on it!

4 Stuntmen of the Apocalypse: Seconds from Death (15+), 9 Feb – 14 Feb

The all new lineup, including The Astonishing Johnny Domino, the samurai Kaneda Cruz and the mentalist Magnus Danger Magnus, will see these performers put their bodies and souls on the line, “disregard[ing] their own personal safety and well being for your entertainment”.

Briefs: The Second Coming (18+), 28 Jan – 9 Feb

The multi-award winning Briefs all male, all vauderville, all trash brat-pack are back for more drag, burlesque, acrobatics, glitter, feathers and flesh. Expect the unexpected!

From a Small, Distant World (G), 30 Jan – 1 Feb

WA’s own Rachel Dease – composer/director/performer/sound designer and forever holding a special place in my heart from her time with the band Schvendes – follows up her stunning 2013 contemporary song cycle City of Shadows with a new cycle inspired by the Voyager Golden Record. “Original recordings from the spacecraft, electromagnetic soundwaves and film direct from the blue yonder, soaring strings and Dease’s haunting voice feature in this love song from a small distant world, this pale blue dot.”

Eat Your Art Out: An edible modern art event (10+), 20 Feb

“Is it art? Is it food? You be the judge! Eat Your Art Out is an event in which famous works of modern art will be displayed next to delicious edible and drinkable dopplegangers inspired by the artworks. Guests will have the opportunity to view the printed as well as edible artworks, before being invited to munch on delicious art inspired dopplegangers.”

Smash Bros present: Nintendo Live! (G), 4 Feb & 18 Feb

Take a trip down memory lane at The Ellington Jazz Club, with songs from games like Super Mario 64, MarioKart 64, GoldenEye 007 and more, with some exact recreations and some delicious interpretations. Of course, there will also be consoles set up for playing!

And that’s it, my top picks. As you can see, I barely even delved into all the festival has to offer – particularly in terms of comedy and theatre – so do yourself a favour and grab a program or check out the website to see more. There are tons of free events, and the ever popular Urban Orchard and Pleasure Garden will once again be the best place to grab a drink under the stars this summer.

Featured image: Briefs by Chantel Concei

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