Fringe World 2013: Frisky & Mannish Dirty Pop review

At Circus Theatre in the heart of Perth on Friday night, I discovered an incredible performing duo – Frisky and Mannish.

When I read their blurb in the the Fringe guide, I honestly didn’t know what to expect:

School? College? Job? Yawn. Life isn’t about spreadsheets, it’s about joy and laughter and pop music. Frisky and Mannish, London’s resident experts of pop hermeneutics and ‘fully-blown superstars’ (TimeOut), are back in Perth to blow the bloody roof off. They’ll be letting their hair down, and letting rip. Expect F&M classics (see your local YouTube), alongside things they haven’t even made up yet. They are excited. You defs should be.

Honestly, I couldn’t have wanted more, especially for a $25 show. Their production quality was great, right from the start. The lighting, sound quality and videos all added another dimension to this well produced show.

Frisky and Mannish absolutely fizzled and popped with energy and excitement. By the end of the show, our faces were literally sore from laughing.

So what exactly WAS the show? Frisky and Mannish describe themselves as “popmusicy-seriocomic-mashparodic-stereophonic-LOUD-vaudevillian-sketchcabaret-throwbackcurrent-oldfangled-newfashioned-bapsbotty-infotainment.”

In simple terms, they’re two Brits taking the piss out of pop music. Kelly Clarkson, Amy Winehouse, Brandy & Monica, Danni Minogue, Gotye – no one is safe from their critiques.

Some might say that their targeted genre is an ‘easy’ target, but  what these two do is actually clever, with humour that hit the mark at every turn. Not to mention they’re damn sexy and friendly to boot.

But most importantly – they’ve got kickass musical talent, and that is what takes the show to a whole other level. (Plus, they did an Irish jig to B*Witched that was hysterical….come on, you know you remember who they are)

Do yourself a favour: see Frisky and Mannish at Fringe World. You’ll be glad you did.


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